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  • Things that I think are cool:

    - algorithmic ethics / praxeology meets algorithms

    - algebraic topology

    - reinforcement learning

    - AGI

    - neuroscience (as a true science but also its abuse as pop phrenology)

    - information theory applied to mental health and society

    - trustless/trustful collaborative systems, zero-knowledge proofs, differential privacy

    - alternatives to capitalism

    - software defined radio

    - decentralized/localizable tech

    - music production

    - weight lifting

    - the minimization of negative externalities, and the maximization of positive externalities

    - compressed sensing

    - effective methods of dealing with stress, and information overload!

    - capitalist realism as a byproduct of information theory

    things that I think would be cool if they existed:

    - computational metaphysics

    - 'paint-able proofs'

    - an IDE where the computer is the user of the IDE and the human simply guides it through tough corner cases

    - containerized, cloud-based digital audio workstations, a la gitpod or github codespaces

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