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  • No person should ever have to blindly trust a computer program to do the right thing.


    I've been programming since 1979. I have made spur, helical, and bevel gears in a job shop setting. I have assembled computers from scratch, selecting clock generators, CPUs, logic gates etc.

    I can fix ANYTHING given sufficient time and budget. I've repaired cesium beam atomic clocks, magnetic amplifiers, and an assortment of undocumented industrial control systems.

    I've written programs that track equipment inspection, monitor the calibration of large water meters, and control the gluing of cardboard boxes, to name the interesting highlights... I did all of that before 2000.

    I was a system administrator for 15 years, as time went on, less and less broke, and they eventually didn't need me.

    I made gears for 5 years, bevel, spur, helical, splines, etc. Now I'd like to get back into programming. I did the Advent of Code in 2020, in Pascal... you can see the carnage on my github account:

    Currently working on getting STOICAL, an early variant of Forth, up and running on a modern C compiler.

    email: chezmike at gmail