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  • I have 20 years of experience conducting research in artificial intelligence, with a focus on deep learning. I'm a tenured professor at the University of Rochester.

    For three years, I led AI R&D at Paige, a startup aimed at revolutionizing the detection and treatment of cancer. This resulted in the first FDA cleared AI system for helping pathologists to detect cancer. During my time at Paige, the company grew from a handful of employees to almost 200. I currently serve on Paige's Scientific Advisory Board.

    Previously, I was a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and I was visiting faculty at Cornell Tech, where I taught a popular course on deep learning. Before becoming a professor, I worked at NASA JPL, where I developed perception systems for autonomous robots. Besides machine learning and computer vision, I have a background in theoretical neuroscience, cognitive modeling, and eye tracking. I received my PhD from UC San Diego.