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    Past Experience/Projects/Achievements:

    Before jumping into my first startup (next paragraph), I spent roughly 10 years working at local ISPs doing pretty much everything an ISP does... or at least did back then. Apache+CGI, Bind, Sendmail/Postfix, and a whole lotta Cisco. Remember when IOS was synonymous with Cisco instead of Apple?

    In 2010 then I went on doing my own first startup, called doctape. Doctape was a cloud storage product with a focus on "software-less consumption", e.g. file conversion and preview technology. This was before Google Drive even existed and Dropbox's web interface and efforts around "cloud-first" storage were still in their infancy.

    In 2014 we decided to switch strategies and start selling our tech as an API + client framework for others to use. Things escalated quickly from there, and I suddenly found myself talking to everyone from Amazon (VP of Kindle/Cloud Drive), to even our competitors like Dropbox (hey Drew ) & Box (hey Aaron ). Instead of joining a company that already had people working on file storage and such, we decided to go with an even more exciting opportunity for the team and also myself: joining Atlassian and moving with the team of seven + partners to Sydney, Australia.

    During the first couple of years at Atlassian, my main focus was obviously to make the integration of our people and tech a success. Today what the team and I have built is powering pretty much all attachment + link experiences in Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket LFS & to some extent Trello. All that didn't happen overnight of course. In fact, our team was pretty much the first true cross-product platform investment Atlassian ever made, so you can imagine the work it took (not just tech, but also people and communication-wise) to break away from how they used to develop and operate each product, each in their own little silo. It's been an interesting ride (and rollercoaster), to say the least, but totally worth it!

    I finally managed to jump ship in Dec 2020, and since been working away on Questmate (, which I'm determined to make the number one app for getting shit done.

    Time will tell, I guess ;)

    P.S. As you might have seen in some of my posts, I'm always curious to connect with new folks.. to learn, help, and every now and then, invest. So please don't be shy to connect and pitch me what you're working on!