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  • My Name is Matt Owen.

    Some people call me Jaruzel, and mostly on the interwebs this is what I'm known by. Except Twitter... as you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than there.

    IT Geek, HTML fiddler, .NET confabulator, OS deliberator, Identity herder, Cloud eyeballer, Amiga lover, LEGO bricklayer, Weather gazer, Politics assimilator.

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    1. Feel free to mail me at: jaruzel[at]jaruzel[dot]com.

    2. I make a point of randomly commenting on posts in the New queue.

    3. I will post an honest opinion if I have one, knowing I'll take a karma hit. This includes standing up for LGBT rights, and against casual sexism.

    4. I will vote you down if you 'tl;dr and summarise' any article; We're all grown-ups, and we all know how to read thanks.


    This thing is still cool: