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  • Mushu if you're so worried, go stand watch.

    Aaaah! We're DOOMED! There are a couple of things I KNOW they're bound to notice.

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    Those are my only active social media accounts.

    Wetlands store carbon, improve water quality, and serve as critical habitat for many species. Historically, their importance was not recognized and they were often drained to provide land for farming, industry and housing. Since the 1700s, the continental US has lost more than half of its total acreage of wetlands.

    The world has lost more than 85 percent.

    Four billion people are reliant on wetlands for their livelihoods and health. Peatlands cover just 3 percent of the planet’s surface but they store about 30 percent of all land-based carbon, or twice as much as all of the world’s forests combined. Coastal wetlands remove atmospheric CO2 up to fifty-five times faster than rain forests.

    I have a strong math background for just about any crowd except HN and was inducted into Mu Alpha Theta, a college level math honor society, in 11th grade, the earliest one could be inducted.

    AA in Humanities (cum laude), Certificate in GIS from UC-Riverside, spent 5+ years at a Fortune 500 company soaking up the award-winning design work of their wholly owned subsidiary, and I'm a few classes shy of a BS in Environmental Resource Management with a concentration in Housing from an online program at CSU-Bakersfield back before online programs were common.

    In theory, I could still complete that online BS. Maybe someday I shall still get that Master's in Urban Planning I was working towards.

    FYI: We speak a lot with great certainty about things when in reality we have less hard data than popular media portrays us as having. If we have any hope of fixing this world, we first need to get the facts straight.

    --- Notes about HN Culture ---

    Jokes are OK here, though should be used sparingly. (Most of my jokes get downvoted, but this one got dozens of upvotes:

    If your joke got downvoted, it's not because no one here has a sense of humor. That's just not what we come here for and we won't like you more because you insulted us about it.

    Sarcasm isn't ideal, but if you use it, end it with /s so people are more likely to understand you.

    No, the article probably wasn't flagged by the moderator/"YC". Flags are from the user base.

    Also: Please remember that UFO still stands for Unidentified Flying Object, not Alien Spacecraft from Another Planet. The US government tracks such primarily for security reasons.

    (This last one bothers me because if HN cannot pedantically get this right, who the hell can?

    If you write code and are looking for a positive thing to do:


    It has come to my attention that as of May 2022, Jessamyn West owns Metafilter. She was the lead moderator when I first joined and really "should" have been the person who took it over when the founder, Matt Haughey, left. I guess that constitutes "under new management." I hope it's in a better place, culturally, than when I was there and was mistreated and unjustly banned.


    There's always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Korilian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable planet. The only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they do not know about it! -- Men in Black

    Y2K: Predicted global financial meltdown. Reality: VCRs stopped being programmable.

    Kuwaiti Oil Well Fires: Predicted to burn for years and be a global environmental catastrophe. Reality: They invented new techniques and put it out in six months.



    Lady Bracknell: Do you smoke?

    Jack: Well, yes, I must admit I smoke.

    Lady Bracknell: I am glad to hear it. A man should always have an occupation of some kind. There are far too many idle men in London as it is.

    -- The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde

    (I don't smoke. My "bad habits" for occupying myself include HN.)

    Jellyfish are in the news, so I'm sure everyone desperately wants to read this comment again: