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  • Things to know about me.

    If I argue with you, it is because something about your post made it look interesting to me. It does not automatically mean I disagree with you. Similarly, if I ignore your post, it does not mean I automatically agree with you.

    HN is my last standing social media presence. Part of me wants to connect with you, because on average HN poster is likely smarter than me. Part of me wants to keep it email-free, because I do not want my posts to be affected by how I want to be perceived by my friends, colleagues and associates.

    It is still an ongoing internal argument for me.

    In case you are wondering. I am a human ( but isn't that exactly what a non-human would say? ). You know how you can tell? Insert sufficiently offensive comment here. I guess you can't. No one can, but if you look at my post history, I suppose you will note patterns that may or may not indicate some level of human stupidity, which may qualify.

    I am not a cop. I am not a shill. I do have opinions. I don't talk on behalf of my employer.