The Seal Failure in the SRB That Doomed Challenger (2021)


42 points | by phendrenad2 15 days ago


  • mihaaly 14 days ago
    The overuse of emphasization (heavy phrases, all caps, underline, bold, italic, exclamations, COMBINED!! :) ) for the sometimes later coming clear statement of facts (not needing emphasis because speak for themselves) is an irritating read. Aggrevated by tangential updates in prime location of the start (instead of end) derailing attention right before started. Educationally the style is very obstuctive. But pretty useful writing still after pushing ourselves through, even after decades of thousand articles into this topic.
  • dboreham 14 days ago
    Interesting reading. Did not glean from multiple books and documentaries that they "added another layer of turtles" to the O-ring design.