You're Out of Here: A History of Umpire Ejections


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  • whynotkeithberg 14 days ago
    I love baseball... But that is way to big of a blob of text without any proper breakdowns in there.

    Baseball has been getting crazier and crazier in the last few years with umpires trying harder and harder to make the show about them. It's even more mind boggling to me that they're doing this when they're actively trying out tech to displace them. But their union is way too strong and it's going to be the downfall of them. The union needs to stop protecting 100% of the members and let the bad ones fall to the way side otherwise they're going to destroy the rest of them.

    Unions are extremely important and deserve a place in our society. But unions that do not police their own... just like our own police need to be done away with.

    • ddulaney 14 days ago
      My conspiracy theory is that the umpires are making the show about them to demonstrate their value as entertainment. The tech can call every pitch right, but if umpires make themselves a part of the show, that's job security.

      And honestly, if that's the plan, it's kinda working on me. I want calls to be better (and the instant balls/strikes challenge sounds like a solid path), but I do appreciate the occasional argument.

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  • worthless-trash 14 days ago
    You may not like it, but this is peak umpire ejection.

  • boomboomsubban 14 days ago
    This seems to be from 2017, possibly late 2016.