The Lazarus team is glad to announce the release of Lazarus 3.4


33 points | by mariuz 16 days ago


  • egorfine 16 days ago
    Is there a (modern...ish) software that is being actively used and developed in Pascal?
    • ubavic 16 days ago
      Not Pascal Pascal, but a spinoff: AL for Business Central (Microsoft's ERP system). It is a very old system, but Microsoft heavily develops it (every year new language and std lib features, first class VS Code integration). Userbase is pretty big (and seems like it is growing).
    • v9v 16 days ago
      FL Studio, a music production program, is very popular and developed in Pascal to my knowledge.
    • canistel 16 days ago
      • egorfine 16 days ago
        Thanks for pointing out to Double Commander. Installed it now and tried and it works well.
    • dlachausse 16 days ago
      Total Commander is an orthodox (2 pane) file manager written in Object Pascal.

      • egorfine 16 days ago
        Totally forgot about it.

        Total Commander rocks.

    • tssva 16 days ago
      peazip is developed using freepascal and Lazarus.
    • conradolandia 16 days ago
      ... You are seeing a post about just that? I honestly don't understand the language fetishism kids have these days