Rebooting (something like) early Triplebyte


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  • sam2426679 14 days ago
    TripleByte changed my (professional) life. Around 2019, I was in a bit of a professional lull but knew just enough coding to be dangerous.

    I got roped into the TripleByte funnel through a Reddit ad, which eventually culminated in moving out to SF for a YC startup. Several years later, I had a role at FAANG and reached a level of professional $ucce$$ that was orders of magnitude better than where I had been ~4 years prior.

    I wish TripleByte was still around. I remember doing a study on whether there was any signal from LinkedIn profiles with “skill badges.” TripleByte was the only badge that had predictive value for ability-to-receive-an-offer, but the flip side was that recruiters negatively associate these badges with profiles of people in early-stage careers, which means that you’re better served by not having any badges on your profile.

  • ajb 14 days ago
    Interesting, but the website still does the usual thing of pushing people to the sign-up page without giving much information. If you're pitch is "we are aggressively honest" then an an indication of the jobs available seems like a good idea. Established recruitment firms list them all. I know it's tough establishing a two sided market, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when companies waste my time by inviting me to sign up and give a bunch of data, only to then then be told things like "We're not in your country yet" or even "We've put you on a waiting list".
  • banish-m4 14 days ago
    Triplebyte overhyped their promise by lying to candidates. They told me I "had the highest score they ever saw" on their screening thing. Then, they submitted me as a candidate to Meta without my consent during the middle of the pandemic. (Ironically, it got me a job at Meta but I was laid-off in 2022 due to being remote and new.)
  • martypitt 14 days ago
    Similar to another post from the same company - Why Triplebyte failed (, discussed here:
  • psawaya 14 days ago
    I'm very excited to see this. I hired several people through Triplebyte as CTO back in 2017-2019. It was a great service. :)
  • stmw 16 days ago
    How is this different than ?
    • laurent_du 14 days ago
      Sounds like a different offer. prepares you for interviews, while the triplebyte reboot is a way for companies to outsource their interview process. I think it makes a lot of sense. Interviewing, or, more generally, filtering the 1% of good candidates, is a difficult task and could be indeed a job in itself. The company has a strong incentive to take this job seriously since they will acquire a reputation after some time and will lose clients if it turns out they are being too lenient.