• pmig 31 days ago

    I'm Philip the second Co-Founder of Glasskube and happy to answer all technical questions and comments about Glasskube and Kubernetes. :-)

  • JustinGarrison 31 days ago
    Are there docs on how this compares to other GitOps controllers or how it’s different from helm v2 (with tiller)?
    • pmig 30 days ago
      Hi Justin

      We have a comparison page with OLM here: https://glasskube.dev/docs/comparisons/olm/

      Compared to Helm v2 the client doesn't talk to the controller (server) component directly, we only interact via the Kubernetes API and everything is stored in CRs.

      A complete architecture Diagram can be found in our docs: https://glasskube.dev/docs/

      Do you have any specifc questions or concerns? Are you facing any challenges in working with packages in Kubernetes? Also happy to jump on quick call. Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pmigat/