Show HN: I made an app to make meal planning easy


9 points | by maziweiss 31 days ago


  • venomir 31 days ago
    This is exactly what I was looking for. I have a small magnetic whiteboard on my fridge that I usually write what I'm gonna eat for each day of the week. Your website is a perfect digital version of that. Now I can plan from my computer. Thanks! Also noticed that it gives 500 error when you try to add a recipe without a description, perhaps that could be handled. Another thing to note, it took longer than expected to get the verification email. Besides that, it looks awesome and very useful
    • maziweiss 31 days ago
      Thank you! Glad that it fits your needs!

      I've investigated the error and made the description required for now, hope that works for you!

  • FezzikTheGiant 31 days ago
    This is cool. Is there a mobile app?
    • maziweiss 31 days ago
      No, and since I'm not really interested in mobile development, there probably never will be