Ask HN: So how come the xz thing hasn't hit the fan?

The xz thing sounded pretty scary. Yet I’m not hearing stories of emergency patching, etc. Was it no biggie after all or are people just handling this quietly?

7 points | by lulznews 11 days ago


  • elmerfud 11 days ago
    Because it never made it out to Enterprise operating systems. It was so new and it was discovered early enough that it was really only on those running the absolute bleeding edge which is typically not big enterprises. If this would have hit like red hat 9, people would be losing their mind over it.
  • wmf 11 days ago
    Almost no one was running the compromised version and the backdoor was extremely targeted so the situation isn't that bad.
  • dsattt 11 days ago
    You should read the articles and not just the titles. It was never in production.
    • lulznews 9 days ago
      Ain’t got time for dat …