Ross Anderson


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  • ljoshua 12 days ago
    A very great tribute. I particularly liked this line:

    > "He was the first person to understand that security problems are often actually economic problems."

    I had a wise, old professor in college who taught us, almost as a side comment, that every technology and business problem was actually a people problem under the covers. If you could deal with the underlying human problem, you'd often take care of most, if not all, of the superficial tech/business problem. I think this and Ross's viewpoints are a very important principle.

  • _tk_ 12 days ago
    Ross Anderson's lecture Security Engineering can be found here[1]. I can highly recommend it.


  • tfgg 12 days ago
    Really sad - he was often the sensible voice in the UK media (e.g. BBC articles) when it came to security issues.
  • thesz 12 days ago
    His page [1] is pure awesomeness!

    He posed such an uncomfortable questions in his (and his students) reseach.

  • toomuchtodo 12 days ago

    Ross Anderson has died - - March 2024 (34 comments)

  • blibble 12 days ago
    very sad, huge loss to the world and his family

    his lectures and seminars were fantastic

    I remember opening the final exam paper, finding his question and my jaw dropping at what had been asked (though he did warn us at the start of the course that he wrote his questions such that he didn't have to mark many answers!)

    he also had a unique knack of really getting to those in power and putting them in their place (be that the banks, government, tech companies, university vice-chancellors, you name it)

  • doing_analytics 11 days ago
    Professor Ross Was one of my teachers at the Computer Lab. I had frequent emails with him even years after I left the lab. His strong desire for security really put it even more into me.

    Once in class we were discussing vulnerabilities in vehicles, this was about 4 years ago. He asked "whats the worst attack one could do", he got super annoyed that we didnt have a good answer, banged his hand on the table, full-red faced shouted "No, the worst attack is to remote compromise the cars, lock all the doors, increase the heat, put them drive and kill everyone". Well, he was right, that was the worst attack. You could see from his face he was dissappointed his students did not realise, maybe he felt bad of his teaching, but his teaching was phenomenal.

    It is really a sad day, the world has lost one of the worlds best security professors ever. He will be dearly missed.

    He taught me the tricks he used to get people in power to listen, advice id never forget.

    • dronemallone 11 days ago
      Could you elaborate on the “tricks” you refer to? I feel it’ll be very useful.
  • croemer 12 days ago
    I met Ross when I was a student member of the university council where he took a very active role in holding the university leadership accountable.

    Interestingly, he only started his PhD aged 35/36 after some time in industry.

    • francisdavey 11 days ago
      It's when we met. I was doing my PhD at the time. At the computer lab we had tea breaks when people in different research groups would meet and chat. He was a very interesting person to talk to as you can imagine even by the standards of that tea room.
  • djjckdnejd 11 days ago
    Ross Anderson was so awesome. I loved his Security Engineering book, it was the only course that I read the recommended chapters for.
  • zk108 11 days ago
  • yetanother-1 12 days ago
    This is so sad news. I just finished his book about the dependable systems in security engineering.
  • jackgavigan 12 days ago