Show HN: Explore a collection of over 5000 Custom GPTs


11 points | by joel99 11 days ago


  • dr_kiszonka 11 days ago
    Neat! I would use it often if you included each GPT's privacy policy. When this information is not included in the description, the GPTs may share it when you ask them about it. (I don't know how reliable their answers are.)
    • joel99 11 days ago
      Thanks for the recommendation.
  • htrp 11 days ago
    Is OpenAI's GPT store that bad right now?
    • joel99 11 days ago
      It's not bad. Epic gptstore has better UI, loads faster, you can find more gpts by the same creator. the idea of this project is to make a better gptstore. so I will add more filters and features to it than the official one. I am also gathering feedback to accomplish this.
  • joel99 7 days ago
    it has now 12000+ GPTs