Show HN: Swift Mail, a native macOS app for JMAP mail


25 points | by knr2345 11 days ago


  • Towaway69 11 days ago
    Great job in building a good looking JMAP client, I use Mail to connect to my Fastmail account, ie IMAP.

    It's a bit disappointing that JMAP isn't more widely supported but the last time I looked, Fastmail itself wasn't really maintaining the standard they invented.

    I did some implementation to send emails over JMAP and it was hard to find good examples to follow. Perhaps that is changing.

    Is there anyone from Fastmail here that can give a brief outlook for JMAP?

    • knr2345 10 days ago
      Thank you!

      There are quite a few mail-adjacent JMAP specs in the pipeline according to I've enjoyed working with JMAP as a protocol, so I hope to see its continued growth as well.

  • solarkraft 11 days ago
    That's so cool, I wish JMAP was real.

    (By that I mean that there's virtually no way to use it besides using Fastmail)

  • indemnity 11 days ago
    If you glance quickly you could mistake this for another native SwiftUI+AppKit mail client that supports mainly GMail ;)

    That said, it is hard not to have quite similar looking apps with SwiftUI on macOS.

  • leejoramo 11 days ago
    Very interesting. I have been hoping to see direct support for JMAP in a native app.

    I have been reliant on Fastmail web app. I will put this on my list to review when I have spare time.

  • hcarrega 10 days ago
    Using your apps from sometime and still love it
    • knr2345 10 days ago
      Great to hear, thank you!
  • smcleod 10 days ago
    Looks pleasant, but $40AUD/year for a mail client seems insanely expensive. That kind of money even once off seems like a lot!
  • onderweg 11 days ago
    Looks interesting, but... yet another subscription. I'm willing to pay for good apps, but I'm not willing to keep stacking subscriptions.
    • smartis2812 11 days ago
      Same here. Especially something I use on daily bases.