• lqcfcjx 12 days ago
    >let's say you work at uber. uber probably has a database with a bunch of rides data in it. it probably has a rides_fulfilled table, a users table, a drivers table, and a whole lot more tables but just imagine it was that simple for now.

    What I don't get from the landing page clearly is what data will be sent to your app. Will users give you db credentials so that you have full access to schema and underlying data? And later these data will be sent to openai?

    • aiassist 12 days ago
      sorry about that!

      yes, users have to provide db credentials with read-only access to the data.

      no, db credentials are never shared with OpenAI. our API handles user authentication and credential storage and calls out to OpenAI for the AI function calls

      • lqcfcjx 11 days ago
        well, I'm not sure how often people are comfortable sharing db credentials.

        Will db data (not credentials) be sent to open ai?

        • aiassist 11 days ago
          Yes, query results are shared with OpenAI.

          We work with lots of companies that are comfortable with it but have met others that say "No Way in Hell". For some reason, they tend to be more comfortable using OpenAI APIs on Azure than OpenAI directly though.

  • theamk 12 days ago
    .. and in the process make a few mistakes, make up a number of ten. So later on, when this is discovered, you will be pretty embarrassed.

    Using AI to write queries/configs that you later manually review? Good idea. Using AI to query the data and trust its results unconditionally? Terrible idea (unless no one cares about your result)

    • aiassist 12 days ago
      100% agree. we always show you the SQL that the AI generates so you don't have to trust it blindly! the sad part is when you do manually review it and still miss the issues... i've done that a few times
      • jacobn 12 days ago
        Reviewing vs creating are very different mindsets. There’s a red team, blue team flavor to it.

        AI levels up the less skilled, but makes even the more skilled miss embarrassing mistakes.