• RheingoldRiver 13 days ago
    This is the first time I've seen TODO as a ligature, and I am really into the idea. Is this something you can add to existing fonts? Does anyone have any recommendation for a good programming font that does this?
    • calamari4065 13 days ago
      Huh. You know what, I kinda dig it.

      I could do without operators being condensed into ligatures, but that's just me. The gigantic triple equals strikes fear into my C programmer heart

      • jeffalyanak 13 days ago
        Yeah, I generally do _not_ like programming-oriented ligatures, but the one for todo is sort of interesting.

        However, many editors can accomplish the same goal by highlighting or changing the text colour of todos.

        • globular-toast 12 days ago
          Emacs package for that (highlights others like FIXME etc): https://github.com/tarsius/hl-todo

          You could make it have the outline thing if you tweak your theme. I wouldn't start installing or hacking your fonts to get this kind of stuff.

      • pie_flavor 12 days ago
        Fira Code supports stylistic sets, so you can actually configure whether == and === (and != and !==) do that, and leave weirder ligatures out of the defaults. In VS Code, for example, you would change editor.fontLigatures from true to "'ss08'" to make them still ligate together, but with breaks between the = signs. I use ss06 to make backslashes faded when they're used to escape other characters.
    • IdreesInc 13 days ago
      Glad you like it, I've never seen it in a font before so I am unsure if there are any others that add it in. I've definitely appreciated the ligature as I use the font, but I did wonder if others would find it annoying
    • ijhuygft776 13 days ago
      must be blind but I don't see it in the image of all characters
      • paulirish 13 days ago
        The ligatures appear to be excluded from the image of all glyphs. But below it is an image of all ligatures. ;)
  • al_borland 13 days ago
    I’ll have to send this to my nephew. He is obsessed with Minecraft and is starting to get into coding. I think he’d really like this. Thanks for sharing it.

    I really like the TODO and NOTE ligatures. I have been using Comic Code for a couple years now and kind of wish it had those.

  • t_mann 13 days ago
    Judging from the one screenshot example, I actually like Monocraft better. It really has that nice Minecraft/retro look, and I think this could actually help get kids who are into Minecraft into coding. That being said, I actually still like Miracode better than most typical IDE monospace fonts (at least as a novelty). That's really cool, where did you learn to make such designs?
    • skerit 12 days ago
      Yes, this font reminds me of the "Faithful" texture packs (which makes sense, it's basically the same principle: still pixelated, but "zoomed out", more dense) and I don't like those. It's as if the 16x look has something magical, while everything above it looks "low res".
    • michaelcampbell 12 days ago
      Same for me, but I grew up and mostly learned my earliest programming on 8-bit machines so the monocraft style is way more in my burned synapses.
    • garaetjjte 12 days ago
      It does have "hq4x" feel.
  • andai 13 days ago
    Looks way better than I expected from the title. The vectorization did wonders. I think I saw a similar font in a HD Minecraft texture pack.

    I wanted to suggest a RuneScape font, but it would probably be too skinny.

  • crazygringo 13 days ago
    I applaud the attempt!

    That being said, I sadly do not find this to be particularly "readable". The choice to introduce octagonal-style 45° segments rather than normal rounding makes it quite difficult for me to read. The worst glyphs for legibility for me are "r" and "p" -- you've actually increased the size of the diagonal segment that connects to the stem, compared to diagonals on letters like "o", which really throws off the forms for me, and doesn't seem to be inspired by anything in the original font. If anything, rounded connections to stems in fonts tend to be reduced rather than exaggerated. (As in the font used by HN, Verdana.)

    I wonder what this would look like if you used curves rather than introducing octagonal corners, and didn't exaggerate the connections to stems? Keeping in mind that curves usually do things like extending slightly beyond the baseline or at the top.

    • IdreesInc 13 days ago
      Thanks for the in-depth comment, it's definitely been a balancing act trying to determine how to handle things like the diagonals/curves. I originally made things more "curvy", but it made the font look similar to comic sans or other handwriting fonts for some reason. Perhaps a sharper curve algorithm would avoid this, though the "angular" look does make this font into something a bit more unique than the other programming fonts available.
      • crazygringo 13 days ago
        Happy to help! Font design isn't easy, but it's very rewarding. You might look at the famous Eurostile font which does a kind of "rounded rectangle" style of curves which might work well here.

        One more note -- I think this font actually works great as a display typeface. The octagonal angles and exaggerated stem connection give it a ton of personality, and display typefaces used for headings, titles, packaging, etc. are where personality is more important than readability.

        So I think you've produced something really cool -- just not necessarily as a coding font!

  • Solvency 13 days ago
    Love the font but wish you'd share your custom algorithm. I've designed a number of pixel fonts in the past I'd love to convert to strokes in this way. Any chance you'd release a little conversion kit?
    • IdreesInc 13 days ago
      Don't worry, it's completely open source! Miracode is a fork of my other font "Monocraft" which is under the GPL. As such, Miracode is also GPL, and the font files themselves are under the OFL. Since it's a fork, there are a few extra files that are not actually executed which may be why you aren't seeing the algorithm. Check miracode.py for the script that generates the font! No promises that it'd work on other fonts though, the "algorithm" was made over a weekend and as such could definitely use some optimization. On the bright side, I did include a unit testing system which might help others convert fonts in the future.
      • Solvency 13 days ago
        Awesome, thanks. I'm only versed in JS and Lua and all of my pixel fonts are basically glyphs on a big sprite sheet of 32x32 pixel grid cells. How difficult would it be for me to simply patch what you've started to work off something simple like bitmap data to export a TTF of converted vector data?
    • CaptainOfCoit 13 days ago
      Is it not what's in miracoda.py? https://github.com/IdreesInc/Miracode/blob/main/src/miracode...

      Would be strange to make the project FOSS but not share all the parts that went into it.

    • lifthrasiir 12 days ago
      I've done so in the past and I believe it's not much different from usual pixel-art scaling algorithms. At some point though you would want more control over which corner should be sharp or not, and that resulted in my own semi-bitmap font with a subpixel handling [1].

      [1] https://github.com/lifthrasiir/unison

  • binary132 13 days ago
    I dunno if you're going to get away with calling it a "Minecraft font".
  • politelemon 13 days ago
    How is that "TODO" done in the joined up way?
  • bcye 12 days ago
    Now we just gotta have a VS Code Plugin that plays the Minecraft theme if the font is installed.
    • IdreesInc 12 days ago
      What if it played the Minecraft sunrise theme at sunrise so you could be reminded of your shame after an all-night coding session
  • pjerem 13 days ago
    Oh, i was clicking thinking "meh, how could I code with the Minecraft font" but I’m actually positively impressed by your font. I will try it :)
  • ruined 13 days ago
    ooh, cute. excited to try the vectorizer on some old favorite BDFs from my eeepc days
    • IdreesInc 13 days ago
      No promises that it is actually a good algorithm, I definitely had to handle a lot of edge cases and I am sure there are more out there! The best decision I made was to make a unit testing system for the font, so hopefully that'll make things easier for people in the future.
  • dinkleberg 12 days ago
    I've installed it and am enjoying using it so far, nice work!
  • hello_computer 13 days ago
    I need Japanese characters so I can listen to city pop and pretend that it's still Shōwa.
  • lupusreal 13 days ago
    I think this vector version isn't for me, but thank you for introduced me to Monocraft.
    • asjir 12 days ago
      same, I find monocraft much more readable and having spent hundreds of hours in minecraft might have something to do with it
  • CleanRoomClub 12 days ago
    Is there anyway to disable the ligatures? I’d like to use it if not for those.
    • IdreesInc 12 days ago
      Sure, next release I'll add a version that removes the operator ligatures
  • Systemling0815 13 days ago
  • vdaea 13 days ago
    • Daneel_ 13 days ago
      While I understand the reaction, it’s not exactly constructive and a bit below the standard here. The font/tooling is fully open source, so feel free to remove the ligature table and recompile it yourself.

      I personally find the TODO and NOTE ligatures to be a great idea, however I know you’re talking about the common programming ligatures instead.

      • vdaea 13 days ago
        I could also create my own fonts with or without ligatures. We are (or at least I am) judging a font by its design. Which is, well, the most important part of it. Are we allowed to do that?
        • jasonjmcghee 13 days ago
          > Please don't post shallow dismissals, especially of other people's work.

          How you said it is specifically against HN guidelines which I bet is why you are getting downvoted.

          • vdaea 13 days ago
            What would a profound dismissal of ligatures in fonts look like? Maybe I should ask ChatGPT to write some three-paragraph bullshit that says the same thing that "word + emoticon".
            • eropple 13 days ago
              You don't have to be "profound" to make a substantial comment. But as it is, you're being really unpleasant about something that ultimately doesn't matter enough to merit it.

              (And I don't even like ligatures in programming fonts, I don't use them!)

  • notso411 13 days ago
  • assimpleaspossi 13 days ago
    • ashton314 13 days ago
      With the millions of negative (and dismissive) comments available for free all over the web, I’m pretty sure there is already one similar or the same and we just don’t need another.

      Let’s celebrate something neat that someone made and is sharing with us!

      • floodle 13 days ago
        Bravo! Perfectly said
    • hn92726819 13 days ago
      Then don't use it? People do things for fun sometimes.

      I used to program turtles with ComputerCraft a while ago, so I had to write Lua in Minecraft using the Minecraft font, so this is pretty funny to see. I won't use it, but it'll be in the back of my mind if I ever give a programming presentation to Minecraft players.