The Quest for Blue (2021)


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  • croemer 12 days ago
    There's a whole book by great Science (journal) science writer Kai Kupferschmidt about the color blue:
  • ClassyJacket 11 days ago
    " Even the feathers of birds, from blue jays to bluebirds, are not truly blue but the result of a biologically sophisticated trick of the eye"

    This is meaningless nonsense. If the light reflected or refracted by them is blue, then they are, indeed, blue.

    • jdietrich 11 days ago
      It's badly described, but it's a reference to structural color. Engine oil isn't rainbow-colored, but it can produce rainbow reflections due to thin-film interference. Likewise, some animals have features that appear blue, but wouldn't yield a blue pigment because the color is the result of a particular microstructure.

  • croemer 12 days ago
    The author is ironically called "Tom Verde". Verde meaning green in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and a few more languages.
    • TaylorAlexander 11 days ago
      I always thought it was funny that Andrej Karpathy developed software for self driving cars - literally software for car paths.
      • euroderf 11 days ago
        Also I hear that the Carpathian Mountains have roadways. You're welcome :)
    • nytesky 11 days ago
      In some languages (such as Vietnamese XANH) blue and green use the same word. I always wondered if it was because blue was so rare (other than the sky), why make a new word a color you never see?

      Verde is not one of them though.

    • imba404 11 days ago
      And where we get the word "verdant"
      • croemer 11 days ago
        > verdant: (of countryside) green with grass or other rich vegetation. > "verdant valleys" > "a deep, verdant green" Learned a new word! I wonder, however, if this word is ever used outside of SATs.