• capableweb 10 days ago
    The absolute worst with hosting your own email lists / transactional emails is that you need to be very up to date on the status of your IPs and domains in various blocklists, and it's very easy to get blocked from them.

    I don't see anything mentioned about this, nor other similar issues, either on the website or in the GitHub repository.

    Are you offering some functionality that help people manage this, or how do you suggest people approach this "when not if" problem?

    • maxthegeek1 10 days ago
      Hello! We're not an email service provider ourselves (where one would normally configure email domain/ip settings), but we allow users integrate their own ESP accounts. We currently support sendgrid, and in the near term future we plan to support AWS SES.
      • capableweb 10 days ago
        I see! I understand you're not a email service provider, but "self-hosted" gave me the impression you actually handle sending the emails (via SMTP or whatever) as well as the management around the lists, not just outsourcing the email sending part to a hosted 3rd party. Seems I was mistaken :)
        • maxthegeek1 9 days ago
          We plan to support plain SMTP as well, so that users can be self hosted end to end if they want.
    • slig 10 days ago
      Looks like they currently support sending emails through SendGrid https://docs.dittofeed.com/integrations/channels/sendgrid
      • rexreed 9 days ago
        Sendgrid's deliverability and reliability is starting to tank. Looking to get off Sendgrid myself.
        • edoceo 9 days ago
        • turnsout 9 days ago
          I used Sendgrid as part of a RocketChat install in 2021, and the deliverability was atrocious. I vowed to never use it again, but haven’t explored alternatives recently. What options are you looking at?
        • nathancahill 9 days ago
          It's been slowly tanking for a decade at least.
        • maxthegeek1 9 days ago
          What alternatives are you looking at?
          • concordance 9 days ago
            Support for Resend (https://resend.com/) would be appreciated!
            • zenorocha 9 days ago
              Resend founder here. Nice to see a self-hosted alternative for Mailchimp in the world. Would love to see support for Resend on Dittofeed :)
              • rexreed 9 days ago
                Since the application for Dittofeed is similar to Mailchimp, which would be newsletters mostly and not transactional email, is that compatible with your primary business case at Resend? From what I can tell, Resend is mostly focused on transactional email and not on mass email messages such as newsletters, which is what I see as what Dittofeed is sharing with their Mailchimp alternative. If you're open to newsletters, let me know, and I'll give it a switch from Sendgrid!
                • zenorocha 9 days ago
                  We're definitely open to newsletters :)
              • maxthegeek1 9 days ago
                Hey, love what you guys have done with React Email <3
            • maxthegeek1 9 days ago
              Great idea :)
          • jszymborski 9 days ago
            A great self-hosted pairing might be Postal https://github.com/postalserver/postal
    • howmayiannoyyou 10 days ago
      Mailgun support would be appreciated.
  • andrew-jack 2 days ago
    I suggest utilizing personalized email templates within Klaviyo. For a comprehensive guide, please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHqUbVd8yvY.
  • vishnumohandas 10 days ago
    Hey, looks very cool! If you could share a comparison against Listmonk[1], that'd be useful.

    All the best!

    [1]: https://listmonk.app

  • edoceo 9 days ago
    Nice, I built an internal tool like this once. Love what you've got here. IME the next priority is supporting alternate providers to SG (and I see from the thread it's on your roadmap).

    Another option for the SMTP part is using an upstream mail provider perhaps https://mxroute.com/ works for folks.

    Oddly, I've had pretty good success with sending from my own Postfix+OpenDKIM based infrastructure for many years (in Linode). I suppose it's mostly because my volume from that box and those domains is so low and is primarily transactional rather than news-letter like things (I send service announcements maybe quarterly). I mentioned it elsewhere in thread but I like Postmark for those newsletter & drip-campaign stuff.

  • etse 9 days ago
    Git-versioned marketing templates seem unfriendly to presumably a marketing user.

    That said, I’ve been integrating and supporting similar platforms over the past several years, and the feature set and maturity is low for the cost of these services. If Dittofeed puts the pressure on the market, that’s fantastic.

  • mikeshi42 9 days ago
    This is super awesome to see open source - I wonder if there's some value in email flows for self-hosted software as well.

    I'm thinking if someone self-hosts a complex OSS app like Dittofeed (or even HyperDX ;) ) - would it be beneficial to allow admins to enable email onboarding flows like they get in the SaaS side of things, so end-users can be drip-fed product docs appropriately (and even customize it themselves if they're a big enough enterprise)? This can probably help onboarding/adoption internally if done well.

    Either way - I'm really excited to try this out on our cloud side of things to help our new users learn our platform faster :)

    • maxthegeek1 9 days ago
      Hey, great idea! We should probably make our internal onboarding journeys public like you’re suggesting so that self hosting users can benefit from them :)
  • hkt 9 days ago
    Glorious, I've wanted something like this for years. Thank you <3