Fontemon: Video Game in a Font


128 points | by susam 15 days ago


  • ghub-mmulet 15 days ago
    If anyone is interested about how this was made, I wrote a blog post about how I made fontemon and which type features I used:
  • Minor49er 15 days ago
    I love not just how hacky this is, but also all of the hilarious little Minnesota jokes throughout it. (Though I don't know if the map is meant to look like the state is packing, if you know what I mean.) Really enjoyed this!
  • junon 14 days ago
    Having made some wacky ligature fonts before and knowing how wild fonts are, I cannot imagine how tedious this was and how much of a lunatic (I say this in the most endearing way possible) the author must be. It's very firmly in the realm of mad science.

    This is mindbogglingly incredible work. I love it.

  • jkingsman 15 days ago
    Well that's just damn creative!! I love it. There is a technical blog post [0] detailing the mechanics if anyone's interested.


    • ghub-mmulet 15 days ago
      Thanks for your kind words and for sharing this link, you beat me by a couple minutes!
  • thejarren 15 days ago
    This is really delightful. I lost it when my Fontemon started to Capitalize.
  • amelius 14 days ago
    See, you don't need Turing completeness to make interesting stuff.
    • zinekeller 14 days ago
      While apparently Fontemon is pre-computed (, font files are Turing complete ( The grandfather of computer fonts, PostScript (as implied in the name) is a computer programming language in itself (but optimized for drawing stuff to be printed in paper), and TTF, OTF (both font formats) and PDF (document format) are also Turing-complete.

      Fun (or scary, depending on how you look at it) fact: the TrueType hinting language (which is not based on PostScript) is in of itself another Turing-complete language, so in TTF files there are two separate Turing-complete languages (the PostScript-based one and the hinting language). This is the reason why Microsoft in the '90s begs you to not install fonts willy-nilly.