Has the Copilot SEO spam war begun?


41 points | by NiloCK 13 days ago


  • nagonago 12 days ago
    I think this is a concern not just for Copilot but for LLMs in general. It's only a matter of time before they get monetized, intentionally (sponsored results) or unintentionally (SEO spam). LLMO might be the next SEO.
  • 97-109-107 11 days ago
    Has anyone seen any standardized self-reported disclosure formats to indicate if any content has been autogenerated?

    The parallels to organic and fair-trade certificates seem obvious here, but the direction is opposite. Such admission would indicate to the audience that a portion of what they consume has been autogenerated - which I guess is a negative or at least neutral indicator.

  • sparker72678 12 days ago
    We will never have nice things.
    • NiloCK 12 days ago
      I think moreso it's a yet-another reminder that we will never have networked things that don't have second order effects.
    • tyingq 12 days ago
      It's possible it's the kick in the pants Google needed to up their game. They've been milking search and pushing organic results down in favor of various ads, widgets, and Google owned content for some time now.