Short Text for Individuals?

Is there some way to send short texts from one individual to another individual? Say, between two friends. Or from one guy to 10 of his friends? In other words, a much simpler, B2C version of the short-text things that B2B businesses use (Twilio, SlickText, TextMagic, etc.)

6 points | by makingdecisions 464 days ago


  • toast0 463 days ago
    Uh SMS on your phone works for most people? Or one of the 70-odd SMS replacement messengers if you or your friends have carriers that can't manage a decent SMS service.
  • slater 464 days ago
    • mattbgates 464 days ago
      Good times... trying to message my mom "911" she still took hours to call back even though my emergency was that I wanted her to bring home McDonalds :P