Radio Man, Autograph King


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  • boomboomsubban 402 days ago
  • someperson 402 days ago
    If a signature from Harrison Ford sells for $750/each, why do actors keep making autographs for free to a small number of charismatic middle-men who clearly are just selling the signatures?

    Why don't the actors sell exclusive access to autographs to a more organized cartel that can better control the supply and provide the actors a bigger cut of the profits?

    • bredren 402 days ago
      Because they want to support the person.

      These folks deal with exploitive, unproductive people involved in big deals all the time.

      They don’t care what or how someone is exploiting Radio Man so long as Radio is able to keep going.

      Another possibility is that focusing on autograph money is leaning toward the refuge of celebrities unable to book lucrative roles and endorsement deals.

      See comic book conventions etc.

    • iz_zi 402 days ago
      You are the reason why they don’t.
      • someperson 402 days ago
        Huh? What are you saying?

        Each film industry profession has a powerful guild to maximize the value they can extract. I think it's reasonable to understand why this cartel-like behavior doesn't apply to restricting the supply of autographs?

        This is not doing one or two autographs for an actual fan. This is giving away hundreds of autographs to charismatic middle-men.

        Seems like an opportunity for a more organized group (eg, Screen Actors Guild) to corner the supply that underpins the autograph market and better compensate the actors themselves based on the market value of their autographs.

  • Stratoscope 402 days ago
    This is the most interesting story, and the most interesting character, I've seen all week. Don't miss it!
  • tiedieconderoga 402 days ago
    It sounds like he enjoys what he does. Do people still hang around film sets to get picked for screentime, or has that sort of thing been outsourced to technology?

    According to IMDB, Radio Man / Craig Costaldo had a part on 30 Rock. I'm pretty it was a speaking role, with him shouting "Give me your fingernails!"

  • Georgelemental 402 days ago
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