Show HN: Can you beat my dad at Scrabble?


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  • nyerp 15 days ago
    Love it!! But you've GOT to improve the sharing feature. This is a great, accessible daily game. Connect it with Facebook, or at least give people something they can cut-and-paste without having to open an email client!

    And the information you provide below is good (it provides a bit of "braggy" info without giving the answer away) but I would make it more conversational, e.g., "I beat Dad!" and then "I beat Dad again!" and then "I'm on a roll... I beat Dad 3 times in a row!" and add a call to action like "Can you beat Dad too? Try here:".

    The "Dad" emoji is chef's kiss. Definitely keep that in the share message.

    For reference, here's the current share message (minus the great emoji, which apparently HN does not support):


    Today: Won by 2 points

    All time: Winning by 2 points

    Daily streak: 1

    • shawabawa3 15 days ago
      > But you've GOT to improve the sharing feature. This is a great, accessible daily game. Connect it with Facebook, or at least give people something they can cut-and-paste without having to open an email client!

      They're using the "Wordle" share method which worked insanely well, precisely due to the fact it didn't try to share with facebook or anything annoying, you just copy paste into an IM client

      • nyerp 15 days ago
        That's not correct, based on my experience. Yes, you could copy-and-paste the "results" page, but that contains the answer, so it's no good for sharing. To get the actual "share" text (using Chrome on Windows 11), I had to open an email client when prompted and then cut-and-paste the text from the email the game created.
        • Jeremy1026 15 days ago
          In wordle when I click the share button I get the green/yellow/black emojis copied to my clipboard showing how I did, but not my guesses were.
        • shawabawa3 15 days ago
          weird, for me it copied the sharing text
        • llimllib 15 days ago
          same on mac - I had to open it in Notes
    • danieltait 14 days ago
      Thanks for the feedback! Have tried to improve now
  • danieltait 16 days ago
    This was a really fun game to make.

    We've been playing scrabble together for years so it's nice I'm finally competent enough to code this online version.

    I posted it on reddit and now over 1000 people are playing against my dad everyday haha.

    • anentropic 16 days ago
      It's nice!

      My only gripe is: any time you click away from the tab, when you click back to it it resets the screen (shuffles the pile and clears any letters you had placed)

      • danieltait 16 days ago
        Hmm yes ok I just removed the refresh now.

        The reason it was there is some days I opened the tab on my iphone and for some reason it still showed the yesterdays result rather than the new day's letters.

        Will have a think of a better way to force the refresh of the letters on a new day.

        • wizzwizz4 15 days ago
          > The reason it was there is some days I opened the tab on my iphone and for some reason it still showed the yesterdays result rather than the new day's letters.

          This'll be the Cache-Control header interacting with tab resume: rather than setting that to expire after X time has elapsed, set it to expire at time=T, and the browser will¹ fetch the new page instead. You'd increase the effectiveness of this technique (and reduce your bandwidth requirements for repeat players) if you made `/daily` a static page, and factored out those JavaScript variables into a separate file, fetched with `fetch` or `XMLHttpRequest` (or even a `<script>` tag, like `wordlist.js` is).

          If I've configured my browser to behave otherwise (e.g. it takes me longer than a day to solve each puzzle), I really don't want it overriding that and resetting on me: that would make me very sad.

          ¹: usually. Firefox Session Restore behaves differently – but that's expected behaviour. Every website ever behaves like that: it's what I expect, because I expect to be able to close my browser and open it again and still have more-or-less the same pages available. After all, I've got a refresh button, but no un-refresh button.

        • jfindley 15 days ago
          This is still happening btw - if I quickly switch to another tab it resets the board completely, giving me a different puzzle in practice mode. This makes it sadly unusable for me.
          • danieltait 15 days ago
            Sorry! I had only changed for the daily. Removed from practice and play now as well
        • robertlagrant 16 days ago
          setTimeout() with a timeout calculated to fire after midnight?
    • anentropic 16 days ago
      A couple more ideas:

      - could be nice to have it calculate and show the score of the word you have currently placed

      - when you place a tile on the DL or TL you can't see where the DL and TL are any more (I think on Scrabble board they have little triangles that stick out past the edges?)

      - I found myself wanting to know the 'target' score, but I guess that would change the experience a bit

      • danieltait 16 days ago
        1. It shows the score just above the word if it is valid! 2. Yes agree thats a good idea. 3. I could add a new game mode where it shows you the target score, but I'm going to keep dad's score hidden for my own entertainment haha
        • TheHumanist 16 days ago
          Could just do a minimal outer box shadow/glow around the tile in the color of the DL or TL to remind people where they are once letters are laid down.
        • Symbiote 15 days ago
          It wasn't clear to me that I needed to start from the leftmost box.
    • JeanMarcS 16 days ago
      Well, this is very frustrating. I really wanted to play, I like the idea of competiting with your dad. But as a non native english speaker, my vocabulary is too low to give me a chance. Anyway, great idea !

      (I don't know if you are aware, but in French speaking countries, competition are mostly played this way, everyone with the same letters. At the end everybody got its own points and the best word is placed on the board)

    • erickhill 15 days ago
      So are you like Desmond on LOST where every day, after you and your dad play, you have to run to the computer to type in the latest Dad-Word to keep the machine alive?
  • noduerme 16 days ago
    Like, this is neat. And fun. Small, simple and chill.

    So what I'm about to say is not specifically a knock against your game.

    What I've noticed lately on HN is this weird split where everything has to either be super basic - like, this game could have been literally written with BASIC in 1984 - or else it has to be an abstract conversation about the future of AI. With very little in the middle.

    What would be in the middle? I don't know, like, games that people spent a couple years making. Things with awesome graphics. Or small games that showcased interesting new game mechanics. The rise (resurrection?) of the one-shot HTML game, I get it, it's a rebuke of all the overly complicated stuff. Concept over execution. Wordle got bought up, right? But aren't we already on the long tail of that?

    Again, this is not a knock - this would be fun to make in spare time, and it would be fun to play if I had spare time. I'm just wondering why there's this decisive move away from tacking up things that took a long time to make. And I'll be willing to sound bitter: For example, I posted a project here not too long ago that I worked on for a year. It was too complicated or posted at the wrong time. I have several others that are more sophisticated, that I know now are just too much for anyone here to look at and upvote.

    On the other side, discussion (practically worship) of higher-level usage of enormously complicated things like GPT seem to drastically outpace discussion of the underlying mechanics.

    If every little piece of code you put on the internet is a card trick (and it is) then this is a forum about magic, and we should stop being proud that we can do a trick, and start talking about how tricks work and how to make them better.

    • jstanley 16 days ago
      I've noticed this as well, and not just on HN.

      If you do a bit of knitting that is obviously an amateur's attempt, people will say "wow, so cool that you can knit". When you work hard and get better at knitting and you produce stuff that is so good that it's commercial-product quality, people will say "what's the point in spending all that time and effort when you can just buy one?". Only when you become so good at knitting that your output is of a quality that is not generally available commercially do people find it interesting again.

      Replace "knitting" with anything you like: programming, painting, woodworking, welding, electronics, 3d printing, pottery, basket-weaving, card tricks, ...

      People are interested in things that seem cute and homemade. They're interested in things that are better than anything they've seen before. They're not generally interested in the mediocre middle, even when it has been created by 1 person who spent a lot of time and tried hard, rather than by a faceless megacorporation.

      EDIT: I think I did the faceless megacorporations a disservice there. Faceless megacorporations also make high quality products through the hard work of their employees, they just do such a great job, and they mass-produce so efficiently, that the products end up inconceivably cheap and we take them for granted.

      • bla3 16 days ago
        It's also true when learning languages. If you speak a language a tiny bit, locals act politely impressed. If you speak it kind of good but aren't a native speaker, at least in some countries that lands much worse than speaking the language badly.
        • bryanrasmussen 15 days ago
          if you speak the language like crap and they've never seen you before they think aww, this tourist really tries. When you speak kind of good they know you live there damn it!
          • pessimizer 15 days ago
            I used to always hear this about black Americans in France. You're unbelievably popular and everybody thinks you're charming and cool until your French gets too good. Then you start being mistaken for an African immigrant and go from being cute to getting spit on by strangers.

            Actual advice from black people to other black people not to work on your accent.

        • astrange 15 days ago
          The joke about Japan is that people will constantly tell you "nihongo jouzu" (your Japanese is good) when it isn't really. You know you're getting somewhere when they start correcting you. Although I don't think they'd get mad at you either way; maybe that'd happen at work or if you get something else cultural like body language wrong.

          Having a bad accent might help you sound like an enthusiastic tourist though; Americans start off with pretty bad pronunciation, Spanish/Italian/Finnish are closer and people might think you're fluent.

      • ihappentobe 15 days ago
        Mentioning “knitting” and etc. is interesting, and reminds me of a variation on this theme:

        Browsing BoingBoing in the 2010s, the maker-themed posts that gained traction were projects that were essentially structured as: An over complicated _______ but it’s actually a simple ________. For example, ‘a 3d printed diy wrist mounted display that actually only shows yesterdays’ tweets”.

        In some ways today’s pattern of projects being either very complicated or very simple is a distillation/separation of the earlier pattern.

      • Closi 15 days ago
        I think we also enjoy playing with other peoples fun passion projects.

        It’s different playing with something that someone built because they wanted to build it and it was fun, rather than them having some sense of commercial gain. See: indie games.

    • ch33zer 15 days ago
      Maybe I can describe how I work and why sharing anything more than protoypes is hard, and then people can comment if this rings true to them.

      Like many people here I have a full time job writing software. Most of the time I get home and don't really want to sit at a computer for a bunch more hours working on a side project. But a few times a year I get super inspired or have an acute need and will spend my spare time working on a game, or a small project or something like that. Inevitably I lose interest after reaching the 'alpha' phase of the project (or sometimes even failing to get there). At that point I sometimes want to share the project with others, but I won't usually continue working on it.

      I think this may partially explain your experience.

    • dandellion 16 days ago
      I think it's to be expected that the kind of projects you mention are rare. Consider that even if 80% of the people posting worked on games that take a couple of years to develop, and 20% worked on games that take one month, you'd still have a ratio of 6 short games posted for every single two-year project launched.
    • skrebbel 16 days ago
      I think the abstract conversations about the future of AI are in the same ballpark as this. Thing is, there's only two kinds of makers you see on HN:

      - People who make small simple things and put them on HN

      - People who make bigger nontrivial stuff

      The latter stuff also shows up on HN but less often because the amount of time spent making is so much more, like if something takes 3 years it's a single Show HN and if it takes a day to make it's also a single Show HN. Also note that a decent blog post takes about as long to make as a basic game, ie "thought leadership" is in box 1.

      The people working at OpenAI and related are empathically not spending all their time doing Show HNs, nor even blogging on the AI future. They're actually making stuff, just like indie gamedevs or the average Microsoft employee. They're all in box 2.

      Lots of people are doing nontrivial stuff all the time, but most of it isn't big enough for other people to write blog posts and huge HN comment threads about, yet also not small enough to make a new HN submission every few days.

    • cosmojg 15 days ago
      You should check out! It's like HN if it were dedicated to the middle of that content distribution you describe. Nothing too simple, but nothing too abstract either.
    • tobr 16 days ago
      There’s something pleasant about software that feels light and simple and does one thing well. Most software tends to grow to become perhaps more useful, but also complex and inelegant.

      Not sure if that explains your observation or not, but at least it’s what attracts me to engage with a submission like this.

    • gowld 15 days ago
      Same reason why there are so few mid-budget movies in Hollywood, and why medium size business either become giants or die.

      Cheap stuff is easy to churn out -> low chance of success, x many shots

      Expensive stuff costs a lot to be the best, and gets big payoff.

      Middle-tier stuff costs too much for its benefits.

    • bmalicoat 15 days ago
      I've noticed this too. It's mentioned in other comments below, but I definitely think it's easier to see the human behind something if it looks like a hobby project. I'm not sure what camp my games fall into, but I've had limited traction on HN, even though I'm just a lone human trying to hack it at full-time indie game dev.

      Ironically I just launched a new word game today so we'll see if it makes the front page!

    • MrLeap 15 days ago
      I've got a project like that (few years working on it, it's very unique, there's a demo), I talk about it in the comments from time to time but haven't done a dedicated writeup or anything.

      I don't think I've ever seen a youtube video get to the front page of HN, and that seems the easiest way for me to broadly communicate all that I've put into it. Some part of me thinks a medium post about it or whatever just wouldn't make sense. I want to present what you're hungry for, haha.

      • lukas099 15 days ago
        You might have a better shot if you write a blog post that includes video elements.
    • ahoya 16 days ago
      In the middle is the vast majority of HN content: serious businesses.
    • jerrre 16 days ago
      Interesting observation about the split of subjects

      One similarity is: both don't take too long to create. The AI it self might, but the thought about it don't

      • noduerme 16 days ago
        > both don't take too long to create

        That's what I've been noticing, and why I gravitate toward those comments about AI which are like, "have you thought about using an if/then for this thing?"

    • Tade0 16 days ago
      After spending a year on-and-off making a game I realized that I don't really have a compelling story to tell and my artist friend is too busy to help me with the visual side.

      Also, the real underlying reason why I started was the technical itch I wanted to scratch - it's been done so many times by so many people that I don't think it would be particularly interesting at this point.

      I suppose there are more people like me.

      • KineticLensman 15 days ago
        FWIW: So I started some hobbyist game dev using Unity and realised that the full process of making a game has dependencies on a mass of lower-level skills including lighting virtual environments. As a hobbyist photographer I could see some useful analogies from lighting studios and other scenes

        So I pivoted, and eventually made money, not from selling a game, but from developing tutorials about digital lighting. I was also able to contribute to a project at work that was making a product based on a commercial games engine, not by actually coding it, but by helping to better estimate the costs of the asset generation required.

        Coding Unity object scripts in C# also got me back into programming, and I went on to successfully build a self-hosting lisp interpreter following the Make a Lisp guidelines [0].


        • gbudee 15 days ago
          Could you link me to your tutorial? I'd like to improve the lighting in my game and I'm quite excited to have seen your comment!
          • KineticLensman 14 days ago
            Thanks for being so interested! However the tutorial is actually specific to the Daz Studio system from Daz 3D, and the Iray render engine, and isn't free [0]. I'm in the process of doing a similar thing using more open source tools and released through a more accessible channel but realistically that will takes ages.


    • TheHumanist 16 days ago
      If ya poop, ya have time for dadagrams!
      • 867-5309 16 days ago
        exactly! two types of people on HN: those who have five or ten minutes to spare (on the bog) and those who comment "professionally" to bolster some sense of compulsion
        • reaperducer 15 days ago
          those who comment "professionally" to bolster some sense of compulsion

          I wonder what would happen to the quality of discourse on HN if there wasn't a scorecard at the top of each screen.

          The "gamification" of everything is so 2010.

          • blowski 15 days ago
            True, I wonder how much internet points improve quality of conversation. Given some people keep arguing even when they're being downvoted into oblivion, there must be something deeper, like a need for engagement.
            • kevviiinn 15 days ago
              It is a well known fact that everyone who gets down voted is always wrong
              • throwway120385 15 days ago
                And the person getting downvoted is never an expert talking to amateurs, and the downvoters are always correct that there is zero nuance to the subject.
  • PaulMest 15 days ago
    I was a huge fan of Scrabble growing up. I like how simple this is and would probably be fun playing with my mom daily for a bit (similar to Wordle).

    I like your game for what it is, but anchoring it to Scrabble confused me a bit when I first played. It was missing a couple of keys aspects for me:

    1) Bingo bonus (+50 for using all of your tiles)

    2) Optimizing your tileset so that future turns have a better chance for a bingo.

    Also, minor nit: the colors for the letter multipliers (purple and red) in your game also confused me because in Scrabble the red x3 is a word multiplier and not a letter multiplier. You could consider using light blue and dark blue if you want to align to the traditional game.

  • FujiApple 15 days ago
    This is great, good luck with the inevitable NYT buyout :)

    One nit, the letters could snap the grid a bit more aggressive, I found I frequently had letter “miss” the grid and have to drag them again (on an iPad).

    • codethief 15 days ago
      > This is great, good luck with the inevitable NYT buyout :)

      How much do you think will his dad make at NYT?

  • Tade0 16 days ago
    I can't hope to beat an experienced native speaker at this game, but it might be useful for expanding my vocabulary.

    Case in point: my language doesn't really have a word for "almonry" - there's usually no dedicated space for collecting/dispensing alms.

    By far the best Scrabble player I ever encountered was a former corporate drone in his 50s, who hiked 40km+ daily in the Carpathians and was in charge of maintaining a mountain shelter there.

    When he wasn't out hiking, chopping wood or collecting water he would be sitting in the common room absolutely dominating the Scrabble board. I don't know his story and he didn't talk much about himself, but with age I increasingly get the appeal of such a life.

    • Symbiote 15 days ago
      Without context, I doubt many native English speakers would know the meaning of "almonry".

      From [1], they seem obsolete well before any colonization, so it's probably only British people with an interest in church history.

      "Alms" is already fairly obscure, [2] puts it at word frequency 44625. Almonry is not in the top 333,333 words.



    • nebulous1 15 days ago
      Be wary of the top answers it will give you. Quite a lot of the top answers will technically be words in English but are essentially completely unused and most people won't even know or understand them.

      For instance, today's top words:

      Obvert - I know this one but it isn't too common.

      Overt - This was my answer, it's not uncommon.

      Over - Common

      Evo - I've never seen this used as a word other than a name.

      Bevor - Apparently this is medieval neck armour. Uncommon.

      Ouvert - From ballet according to the internet. Uncommon, although I know it as a French word.

      Note this isn't the game's fault, they're all in the scrabble dictionary it's using. These words are only useful if you want to win scrabble, not if you want to speak English.

      • cdelsolar 15 days ago
        I found obvert in the daily puzzles.. and tabanid in the practice puzzle. There's nothing wrong with learning "Scrabble" words.
    • danieltait 16 days ago
      You can also play against an easier ai here -
  • airza 16 days ago
    It's missing the 50 point bonus for playing all 7 letters :(
  • dbg31415 15 days ago
    It's really cute!

    I'd change up the UX a bit.

    1 - For the drag and drop, I'd keep the original letter in place, and just make the original slightly transparent as you drag. Reason being, as you drag on a phone you can't see the original letter since your finger is on it... so leaving the original as an indicator is good.

    2 - For the drag and drop, I would add a a "drop indicator" as you mouse over each square.

    3 - For things like "Triple Letter" I would change it up... "x3" -- I know you're going for "Scrabble" but frankly the text is a bit small for older people, who I think make up the "Dads" in your audience.

    4 - Instead of "Delete" I would change the word to "Recall" for recalling letters you placed on the board.

    5 - For the Colors I would go more vibrant.

    6 - For font sizes, bigger is better.

    7 - For buttons, I would suggest having different colors for different buttons. Having them all black means you have to read through them all... having one as a clear "primary" color helps.

  • GNOMES 15 days ago
    Really fun! I beat your dad by 2 points lol.

    Feature that is missing vs actually playing Scrabble is the ability to play a fake word if other players do not call you out on it.

    I wonder if you could find a list of common misspelled words or fake words to allow, or could have some logic that compares the percentage word is misspelled by, and have the computer call it out as fake if it is over say 25% misspelled or something.

    • sverona 15 days ago
      I have never met an AI that doesn't have the dictionary built in. If you want to play phonies check Woogles.
  • sebstefan 16 days ago
    That's really fun, it's somehow totally doing something to know I'm in competition with someone's dad

    Two suggestions, you need to put an actual URL in the "share" text in the clipboard. With https:// before the domain. It's so that people can click the link on instant messaging platforms for viral traffic

    Then, I need some dad lore

  • netterminalgene 15 days ago
    Dope game, turned it into a prompt, its been fun trying to optimize it.

    You are a scrabble word master. The rules of the game are as follows. -- Create the highest scoring word you can with the 7 letters! The word must start in the first square of the board and be at least 2 letters long. 2x and 3x squares double and triple the value of that letter. The total points for your word will appear above a valid word.

    The letters to point values are represented as a string where the point value follows the letter --- E1R1B3U1O1V4T1

    The second square is 3x points, the fifth square is 2x points and the 7th square is 3x points.

    The word must be a real english word. Lets think step by step.

    • m4tthumphrey 15 days ago
      I just tried this and was blown away. Maybe I should start giving this ChatGPT some attention...
  • layer8 15 days ago
    Maybe add to the “how to play” that you don’t have to use all letters. I thought you have to use all and gave up after a while, before reading comments here discussing actual solution words.
    • dunefox 15 days ago
      For me it was pretty obvious.
  • austinjp 14 days ago
    Love it. Some notes:

    It seems buggy in several places. First, sharing doesn't work for me at all. Nothing ends up on my clipboard, WhatsApp messages are empty, etc. I'm using Firefox Nightly on Android. Second, I think my opponent when playing the computer skipped a go, since their score didn't increase on one turn and their played word didn't change.

    If you can get sharing working I'll be playing this regularly :)

  • capitainenemo 15 days ago
    After trying a few practice rounds. I don't know if the generator is the same for the daily, but I feel like bonus tiles should be left biased since the board requires starting at the left. Many times with the letters given it was impossible to reach any bonuses which reduces the fun a little I feel.

    Or... perhaps allow starting on any tile to try and arrange letter scoring optimally? That might add something as well.

    • danieltait 15 days ago
      Hmm yes it is just random right now and agree often they are impossible to reach!

      Will have a think how and if it should be more weighted

      • marymkearney 15 days ago
        What if only the 7th and last slot were excluded from the 2x and 3x randomization?
  • aardvark179 15 days ago
    The colouring of the double and triple letter squares confused me because they are like the colours on a scrabble board but don’t share the same meaning. I thought TROVE would get me 27 points in today’s puzzle but it was only 11. :-(

    Edit: 27, not 24. Another useful thing would be the ability to view the puzzle and your answer. I had to reverse engineer the squares from the possible scores. :-)

  • marymkearney 15 days ago
    I really love that I spent more time on this, than on the 3 HN articles I read about amping your productivity and forming good habits.
  • marymkearney 15 days ago
    This is really cute. Addictive, even. Which dictionary does it use? Official Scrabble Players Dictionary? Could it say which one in the instructions?

    There are words in OSPD (ex. fab) that aren't accepted. It also accepts words (ex. oonts, accas) that aren't in OSPD.

    Can you tell I tried it, um, several times? It's fun.

    • danieltait 15 days ago
      The Collins Scrabble Words 2019 dictionary!
      • marymkearney 15 days ago
        Can I charge you my hourly rate for the last hour I just spent? Bookmarking this, more hours will give their lives for the worthy quest of beating your dad.
      • marymkearney 15 days ago
        Oh cool thanks :)
  • itslennysfault 15 days ago
    Well... I'm kinda a jerk for this, but it's also a free lesson on why global variables are baaaaad.

    Also, I wrote this in seconds and I know it could be more efficient / cleaner. don't @ me.

    Toss this in your browser's dev console to get the best word available for each puzzle instantly

        function solvePuzzle(puzzle, words) {
            const letters = {};
            puzzle.forEach(l => {
                if (!letters[l]) {
                    letters[l] = 0;
            let best = '';
            words.forEach(word => {
                if (word.length > puzzle.length) {
                const has = { ...letters };
                for (let i = 0; i < word.length; i++) {
                    if (!has[word[i]]) {
                if (word.length > best.length) {
                    best = word;
            return best;
        // lettersarray and wordlist are both globally available
        solvePuzzle(lettersarray, wordlist);
    • pstorm 15 days ago
      > don't @ me

      I'm @ing you :) This code only checks for the longest word, not the highest scoring word. It neglects the x3 and x2 tile spaces.

  • whitehexagon 14 days ago
    It's gone from 'triple letter' to '3x' and is '2x' now double letter or double word, confusing, but thanks for sharing, great fun, at least until NYT buyout ;) Suggestion: dark mode?
  • amenghra 16 days ago
    Nice game!

    nit: I found the sentence "you found the nth highest scoring word" a little confusing since there can be >n words with a higher score (e.g. there could be 6 words scoring 12 and you found the 2nd highest scoring word with a score of 11).

    • danieltait 16 days ago

      Hmm yes what do you think could be a better way? Just the number of points?

      • amenghra 15 days ago
        You could just drop the sentence since the top scoring words are shown below.

        Other nits:

        - Gray the submit button until the word is valid, otherwise it's unclear why clicking on the submit button doesn't do anything.

        - If you are trying to find a word and switch tabs, things get reset when you come back.

        - If you place tiles forming a word, a space, random tiles: you can submit the first set of letters. IMHO, it shouldn't let you submit if you have spaces between tiles.

        - Display the best word I have found so far, but let me keep trying other tiles.

      • taejo 15 days ago
        The usual thing in this case is to call it the 7th highest-scoring word (but call all of those above it the highest-scoring)
        • shawabawa3 15 days ago
          I much prefer how it is currently

          The important thing is not that there are 6 better words, but there is 1 better score (i.e. you got the second best score possible)

      • the_imp 15 days ago
        "You found the Nth highest word score"
  • SNBS 13 days ago
    Great! But what's the difference between "play with dad" and "play with ai"? Is your dad really sitting all the time and playing Scrabble on this site?! :D
  • whutno 16 days ago
    I tried playing "VERB" with the "V" on the first triple letter tile, but when I tapped Submit, nothing happened. This was on the current daily puzzle. Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?
    • danieltait 16 days ago
      You have to start the word in the first square. I've just added an error message to highlight that when you try submit. Thanks for the feedback!
      • tobr 16 days ago
        Some unstated things that I didn’t understand, if it helps make the game better:

        - You don’t have to use all letters.

        - You do have to start the word all the way to the left.

        - It has to be a valid scrabble word before you get any feedback at all.

        I think you should try to give much more feedback when the player tries different things, so they have a chance to figure out the rules.

        • danieltait 15 days ago
          I've added an instructions page now, thanks!
      • Karellen 15 days ago
        The error message doesn't appear to show up on practice mode yet? I do see it on the regular mode though.
      • TheHumanist 16 days ago
        Oh so it doesn't have to use all seven squares. Interesting
    • sebstefan 16 days ago
      Yeah you did it wrong, dad's gonna wipe the floor with "verb"!

      But also you have to start on the first square

    • charlesharvey 16 days ago
      I think you have to start the word on the first tile.
  • gowld 15 days ago
    > Dadagrams is a variation of Scrabble I play with my Dad where we both play the same letters each turn.

    It's also the "newspaper puzzle" version of Scrabble, that your Dad played when he was a child.

  • komali2 16 days ago
    Anybody got a better word than overt for 17 points for today's? Also I would love to play that IRL against my own dad immediately after him placing "over," he'd be furious lol
    • Symbiote 15 days ago
      When you submit it tells you the "top words today".

      ROT13: Pheeragyl gur irel orfg jbeq vf boireg sbe na nqqvgvbany cbvag.

      Terccvat /hfe/funer/qvpg/jbeqf V qb abg frr nalguvat orggre.

  • darkerside 15 days ago
    Instead of just click and drag, I would make the tiles pop up into the next available spot when you click on them. It would make the game a lot more effortless and fun to play.
  • gareve 16 days ago
    i cannot find an explanation of the TL & DL tiles
    • mcsniff 16 days ago
      Triple Letter score and Double Letter score.

      A simple search on your search engine of choice would have yielded the answer.

    • cx0der 16 days ago
      TL - Triple Letter. Letter value x 3 DL - Double Letter. Letter value x 2

      Is this what you were looking for?

    • IanCal 16 days ago
      Those I expect will be double letter and triple letter tiles. You get double or triple the points for the letter on the tile.
    • danieltait 16 days ago
      Thanks for the feedback! Triple and double letter score. I've just changed now so it says it explicitly
    • logicallee 16 days ago
      Me neither. Can someone explain the rules? (What do the red and blue tiles mean? How do you play?)
      • IanCal 16 days ago
        Tap the letter to place them down. If what you put down is a real word it should tell you how many points you score.

        Each letter has a number on, that's the score for using it.

        DL and tl are double and triple letter tiles respectively. You get double or triple the points.

        I'm not sure if they added it but in the real game you'd get 50 bonus points if you use all your letters.

        • danieltait 16 days ago
          I haven't added the bonus 50 points but maybe I should?
          • logicallee 15 days ago
            Thanks for the fix (TL & DL changed to double letter and triple letter), now it's much clearer.
      • Gasp0de 16 days ago
        Double Letter, Triple Letter (I think). It triples the amount of points you get for the letter that is on it. So try to put valuable letters on that spot.
  • PeterWhittaker 15 days ago
    Nit: it indicated I had chosen the 3rd highest scoring word, and listed a Latin word as first.

    Don’t normal scrabble words preclude foreign words?

    • Symbiote 15 days ago
      The top word for today's puzzle is an English word. says it's the 28462-most-frequent English word, slightly more frequent than pronounce, lactating, aquamarine, sedimentation and slime.

      • PeterWhittaker 15 days ago
        Which word was that? I encountered this particular word (sadly, I do not remember the word) doing practice rounds.
        • PeterWhittaker 15 days ago
          Also, I just noticed that the practice rounds and the daily dadagram use different tiling.
    • PeterWhittaker 15 days ago
      In another case, one word it proposed as higher scoring was “vizy”, with the wiktionary page being their “this page doesn’t exist yet” 404…
  • ngshiheng 14 days ago
    Omg this is one of the best side projects that i've seen on HN. I was so impressed by the UX too.
  • almara 16 days ago
    I love the different computer characters, Elefata? haha! The different difficulty levels are really well made. Fun game.
  • quickthrower2 13 days ago
    Cheeky! using the Scrabble trademark in the submission title but keeping it off the site.
  • sircastor 15 days ago
    I enjoyed that. And I enjoy that there's a specific competitor (and an abstract "Dad" at that)
  • LocalH 14 days ago


    Today: Won by 5 points

    All time: Winning by 5 points

  • rglover 15 days ago
    Gave me a genuine chuckle when I saw his daily word vs my own. Great game and really fun.
  • jo6gwb 15 days ago
    I play the NYT mini puzzle against my dad every day.

    We don't really like wordle but this is super fun!

  • dbg31415 15 days ago
    Cute! But doesn’t work in Firefox Focus. The submit button on a round can’t be pressed.
  • now__what 14 days ago
    This is great! My Scrabble-obsessed parents will love it.
  • dmarlow 15 days ago
    I absolutely love it! Thanks for making it so simple and clean.
  • meganlawson 15 days ago
    I saw this first somewhere, not HN.
  • whoomp12342 15 days ago
    any way I could send this TO my dad and see how he does?
  • helsinki 15 days ago
  • ManiAbod 16 days ago
  • Jamesmoorez 14 days ago
  • Jamesmoorez 14 days ago
  • onetokeoverthe 16 days ago
  • mandmandam 16 days ago
  • mordae 16 days ago
  • Lapsa 16 days ago