FOSDEM 2023 is live now


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  • snvzz 44 days ago
    There's a talk introducing the PinePhone port of Genode[0].

    This is the very first actually secure smartphone OS. This is a huge development, but most are yet unaware.


    • capableweb 43 days ago
      > This is the very first actually secure smartphone OS. This is a huge development, but most are yet unaware.

      I mean, it seems like it was made public at February 1 2023, so just 3-4 days ago. Makes sense that most are unaware :)

  • pxc 44 days ago
    Lots of Guix talks in the Declarative and Minimalistic Computing section! Looking forward to catching up on new developments there once the final videos go up. Hopefully I can catch a few streams, too!
  • pjotrp 44 days ago
    I love FOSDEM. The vibe, the speakers, the audience, the place. I always learn things and it helps set the agenda for the next year(s). We organised one of the devrooms and it was amazing. And note it is all done by volunteers: from the organisers all the way to the people cleaning toilets. Thank you all!
    • midasuni 44 days ago
      Sitting in the tram this morning hearing an annecdote about someone having a huge fight. Not unusual on a Sunday morning.

      However this was an online fight in a forum about the merits of eaglecad vs freecad.

    • armini 44 days ago
      Yeah this is my first year attending & the tracks are great. It’s an awesome community & will look to see how I can help more next year.
  • Dowwie 45 days ago
    Do they record every talk? I can't find many talks from 2022 so it seems unlikely.
    • ZiiS 45 days ago go into any sesssion and the should be links to very high quality recordings.
    • tux3 45 days ago
      I thought they did, but they might not always get around to it in a short timeframe.

      I'm dumping streams for a few of the rooms I care about, might upload them on Youtube later

      • Dowwie 43 days ago
        YouTube is the best place for them if making the content accessible and searchable matters to you.
      • ekianjo 45 days ago
        Youtube? Not very fosdem-y...
        • pengaru 44 days ago
          Despite the proprietary javascript et al, it's still arguably quite "FOSDEM-y" to spread its information far and wide to every corner of the internet making space available for it.

          And in the case of youtube they make significant effort to maximize accessibility when it comes to devices being able to successfully play the videos and get the message, as it aligns with their need to show ads to as many people as possible.

          I'd argue shoving informational content on youtube is making less a deal with the devil than say hosting your FOSS projects on github...

        • tux3 45 days ago
          I could also just rsync the raw unsplit files on a public server somewhere, would save me time actually =)

          (If you have usable FOSS Youtube alternatives, don't mind trying to use them)

          • capableweb 45 days ago
            PeerTube is the only obvious alternative I know of, I'm sure others here know even better alternatives.
        • tomcam 44 days ago
          How would you meet FOSDEM’s requirements without YouTube? And what is your proposed solution for distribution and audience reach?
    • xdfgh1112 44 days ago
      They do but some take weeks or months to be released. I gave up waiting last year :P better to watch live if you can.
  • fatih-erikli 45 days ago
    Looks like they are presented in a real venue. Is there anybody watching there offline?
    • Aachen 45 days ago
      Trying to watch it offline but it's a mistake honestly. First talk I wanted to go for this morning, couldn't find on the map where the talk was to be held. Turns out it's online only. I don't think there are viewing rooms anywhere (either on a screen or where you can use your own laptop) so good luck with that. Lots of other talks disappointing: project xyz about public transport routing sounds cool, but then you go to the talk and they show a few screenshots like we've never seen a transit app before and don't talk about anything technical. No overcome challenges, no tech stack, no algorithms. Another talk about Linux reliability for safety critical applications talks mainly about their project members and management structure. I'm interested in the project for its content, not its metadata. Finally, just now I left a 15-minute OSM talk 6 minutes early to make the Glidesort talk (the rooms here don't coordinate with each other, you'll have gaps of 30 minutes and then 3 consecutive talks that overlap 5-10 minutes), arrive 1 minute late, and nope not being let in anymore so I missed half the OSM talk for nothing. (The OSM talk was actually interesting, plus I was excited for this Glidesort talk. "Why can't we have neither?")

      Might as well just look at everything online then, then it's easy to zap to another one if it's not as advertised and never issues with joining a room. Treat it as a day out or networking event, rather than going here if you care about the content here.

      Afk now, gonna find a room somewhere at fosdem to watch fosdem talks online, as well as a clean toilet at some point...

      Edit: nvm the talks aren't online yet , so can't watch what I missed earlier. Will have to reserve the hours again another day.

      • ghaff 45 days ago
        FOSDEM is a networking and socializing event with some presentations on the side. And, yes, trying to attend a specific schedule of presentations in a bunch of different rooms is a recipe for frustration. The last couple of times I've gone I've done some combination of socializing and hanging out in one room for half the day.
        • capableweb 45 days ago
          > The last couple of times I've gone I've done some combination of socializing and hanging out in one room for half the day.

          Same here. I pick one talk every day I "have to watch" and spend the entire day in the same room, considering the others talks as happy accidents but the best is the mix of people you meet.

          • belorn 45 days ago
            I have used both strategies and yes, picking a track and staying there in the room has a much higher success than trying to run between talks. There is just too many people, and popular talks (those with famous projects as part of the title) has a tendency to create full rooms with long lines.

            On the positive, there are around 20 parallel tracks going on. There are almost as many tracks as there are talks on other conferences.

        • pjmlp 44 days ago
          Same here, I used to hang either on Java or X Windows rooms.

          Also be close enough to the doors, so that in case to watch something else, to leave during Q&A for the next session.

      • tristor 44 days ago
        Sounds like this might have been your first FOSDEM. Each room is managed differently, they don’t run coordinated tracks across rooms like other conferences. Usually the best bet for your first time is to camp a room where you are interested for a big project and use the opportunity to socialize and connect in the down times. There’s usually a big room for Linux kernel stuff as well as Mozilla, and both have good properly technical talks. The MySQL and PostgreSQL rooms are usually good too with talks from Percona, MySQL, Crunchy, etc people who contrib to the projects.

        Going to random talks spread out across campus is the best way to end up frustrated.

        • Aachen 44 days ago
          > Each room is managed differently, they don’t run coordinated tracks

          That's the problem I was pointing out

          Makes life a lot easier for planners (reminds me of "the best firewall is not to have a connection"), but I'm not sure it makes sense for me to attend again, at least not for the talks. There were a few rooms with more than one interesting talk, but definitely not close to a whole/half day. And the angled narrow "desk" like things aren't suitable for a laptop, plus there is no power, so I can't "skip" gaps that way (and it's silly to occupy a spot like that also).

      • tux3 44 days ago
        Maybe I can help with the VoD (assuming these are the right one)

        The Glidesort talk:

        The OSM talk:

        (They seem to be coming online a lot quicker than previous years, though! I might not even need to record tomorrow =])

      • felixguendling 42 days ago
        I presented about MOTIS Project. Happy to share with you all the all the algorithmic details, our tech stack, etc, if you're interested. In the talk I just wanted to give a broad overview of what is MOTIS. I think it's really hard to explain data model, tech stack, or algorithms in depth in the time I had for my talk (10min).
    • midasuni 44 days ago
      Massive queues at lunch, at least inside the uni. Train over from london yesterday full of people with beards and T-shirts. Feels really inspiring just being around developers, overhearing talk with technical terms in, etc

      Great to be in person.

      • m4rtink 44 days ago
        There are tons of nice restaurants in the residential streets around the University campus - we had a very nice ramen in the Menma restaurant nearby for example, but there are many more choices.
        • NeutralForest 44 days ago
          There are some good Italian, Korean, Thai and Japanese restaurants which are a 15min bus ride from the uni. All in about a 3km radius.
          • midasuni 44 days ago
            City centre not much futher. Lousie is about 20 minutes on the tram
    • sqs 45 days ago
      Yes, I’m at FOSDEM and it is absolutely packed. Like pre-COVID.
    • ZiiS 45 days ago
      Yes, maybe not the 2020 crush; but a lot of people.
      • belorn 45 days ago
        My perspective is that there is more people today than in 2020, based on the welcome talk (it was full with people lining the walls) and just walking around. They have also opened up new rooms for this year.

        Since there is no registration there isn't any hard numbers to go on.

        • rubenbe 45 days ago
          True, it's very busy.

          Usually they make an estimate of the number of visitors based on the number of connections to the fosdem wifi.

          • midasuni 44 days ago
            The main fosdem wifi is ipv6 only. Amazing how many services don’t work on it - Uber was just failing for example. There’s a dual stack one too.
        • pjmlp 44 days ago
          For me it looks as busy as it ever was, although my last time there was in 2016.
      • glandium 45 days ago
        FWIW, last time I was at FOSDEM before today was 10 years ago, and it's as packed as (if not more than) I remember.
      • ghaff 45 days ago
        In general, my observation is that events are, with some variation, back to close to pre-COVID levels in spite of lingering travel hesitancy and some company travel expense restrictions--the latter of which probably affects FOSDEM less than expensive conferences.
    • Felmioytfr 45 days ago

      And it doesn't feel any different than previous.

      Lots and lots of people

      • pantalaimon 45 days ago
        The (unofficial) Beer Event was also packed as always.
    • woodruffw 45 days ago
      Yes, me (and several thousand other people).
  • makapuf 44 days ago
    By curiosity, do you know why FOSDEM threads are systematically hidden from HN ?
    • midasuni 44 days ago
      Most of the time I get the feeling HN is mainly about techbros on macs wanting to get bight out by google for $100m

      It’s my first visit but I feel FOSDEM has a very different vibe, more like slashdot from c. 2000

    • dan-robertson 44 days ago
      Perhaps the standard high comments-per-upvote deweighting?
      • makapuf 43 days ago
        Doubt it, I had a successful story last year that was average in that ratio and was hidden shortly after a while.
  • brunoqc 44 days ago
    yay, I love Fosdem!

    I wish the website would show the time in my own timezone.

    Is there a matrix space with all the rooms in it?

  • Am4TIfIsER0ppos 44 days ago
    In reply to my prediction I am disappointed to report that it seems as crowded as ever.
  • pengaru 44 days ago
    For anyone equally frustrated as I was with the site's navigation to simply find streams by room and not by some scheduled talk that happens to align with my current time...

    The raw stream URLs are of the format:${roomname}.m3u8

    So for room H.1302:


    Room D.emulator:


    You can see the URL-appropriate room names in various places by just hovering over the link etc.

    I don't know if it's just me, but the site's navigation to find streams as a normal human being seemed ridiculously unnecessarily convoluted.

    Why they don't have a page capturing a live cross-section of what's currently live-streaming by room, where you can simply click on the room that most interests you presently to start watching that room is beyond me. Maybe I just missed it.

    • tux3 44 days ago
      This may be the page you want? It has what's currently playing in every room, and you can find a link to the video from there.

      • pengaru 44 days ago
        Huh, I must have clicked right past that page without realizing it was what I wanted.

        The right column of "no event scheduled" rows should really say "next event starts in XX minutes".

        As-is it sends a very misleading message of there being nothing booked for that room at all today, which just makes the page seem useless/broken at a glance when they all say that uniformly. I suspect it's why I quickly moved on from it.

  • ai_ja_nai 41 days ago
    Very busy and very nice.
  • phkahler 44 days ago
    Is Libregraphics still a thing?
  • Tomte 45 days ago
    I'm missing n-gate.
    • unconed 45 days ago
      FOSDEM! Meet the exact same people you met there 10 years ago, now just greyer and with bald spots in between the long hair, as the average age of attendees goes up by 1 year per year.

      Listen to weathered old guys whose common name is a handle explain why that thing you've spent months studiously learning is just reinventing a wheel from the 80s, or before.

      Enjoy watching people struggle with typing shell commands in front of a live audience, in demos they didn't practice or test before.

      Hear about niche open source projects everyone is interested in but nobody wants to maintain.

      Go browse the stands where legacy open source brands like Mozilla and FSF remind you they still exist and still ship code.

      Meet that interesting code blogger you've been subscribed to for years, and finally put a socially awkward face on that name.


      • aliqot 45 days ago
        • unconed 44 days ago
          It's called a roast. I for one had a lovely time, me and my bald spot.
          • ghqst 44 days ago
            The rest of Hacker News seems to disagree but I think you did quite a decent job channeling the n-gate spirit.

            Perhaps a flag is in fact a compliment in this case.

  • fatih-erikli 45 days ago
    • HenrikB 45 days ago
      Mate, please be more constructive, especially since "FOSDEM is a two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software."

      UPDATE: I see you did so independently just moments after I submitted the above. Thanks for doing so

    • znpy 45 days ago
      According to a friend of mine that has been attending fosdem for a few years now, the main track is always crap but the true gold is in side tracks and topic-specific assemblies
      • ghaff 45 days ago
        I don't think it's generally fair to say the main track is crap. But the logistics of the event are such that it generally makes sense to mostly pick a devroom and hang out there.
        • ahartmetz 44 days ago
          It's just an insane amount of talks with enough good ones to make it worthwhile, plus the important hallway track. Nothing special about any particular track except maybe that, historically, Postgres has always had a few really good ones IMO.
        • znpy 44 days ago
          > I don't think it's generally fair to say the main track is crap

          i don't think either but that's the opinion he gave me.