Ask HN: Why doesn't Apple allow Pro features on a iPad Pro

2 points | by factsarelolz 10 days ago


  • runjake 10 days ago
    > Is there anything that is actually a portable pro device with tablet like ergonomics and removable keyboard that I can actually use to fit my needs?

    A Surface Pro?

    It sounds like you want the freedom of a general purpose computer. An iPad Pro is not a general purpose computer, it is a tablet.

    Apple is still figuring out Stage Manager and windowing on the iPad. Consider it a preview.

  • Raed667 10 days ago
    > No usable terminal

    Pro does not equal developer. A "pro" device can be for professional artists, teachers, sales people, etc ...

    • factsarelolz 9 days ago
      That's just one feature.

      How are the sales, teachers, etc getting around the fact that you have to use an external Bluetooth speaker when utilizing an external monitor. Teachers and sales typically have to give lectures and presentations.

  • ss48 10 days ago
    Probably Surface Pro 9 with SQ3 chip. Apps for consuming content are more limited, but for Microsoft Office and other Productivity Apps, it's pretty good.