Julia Language Devs in Chicago

Hi there I'm learning julia and wanting to start off on the right foot. Being ex silicon valley I know the value of a face to face meetup, ironically I do NOT use meetup.com. I think there's some value in meeting up to iron out things of interest. I'm in the streeterville area.

18 points | by mrsofty 486 days ago


  • pyuser583 486 days ago
    How do you find meetings without meetup.com? HN, obviously. But are there other good leads?
    • legerdemain 486 days ago
      Approximately zero meetups are organized on HN. The most recent one has been someone who found another person to hang out with on Christmas in Tokyo. Almost all threads like this one go without responses, and roughly no one ends up organizing things on Meetup even if there is interest.
    • thoughtpalette 486 days ago
      /r/chicago is very active