• warning26 304 days ago
    I find it interesting how HSV basically has evolved alongside humanity as a “perfect” virus — almost totally hidden from the immune system
    • Tsiklon 304 days ago
      I guess we should be thankful that it’s effects are comparatively benign, given it’s chronic nature and virality.
      • Spare_account 303 days ago
        Some variation of the anthropic principle maybe comes into play here. If it had more deleterious effects, we may not be here to make these observations.
      • andriesm 303 days ago
        It's nr 2 variant is a lot less pleasant apparently, not to mention how it would affect dating prospects and such, so it's rather sad that science has no solution for these and many other viruses. What I don't understand as a lay person is the extremely slow rate of progress against viruses like these - imagine computing as a field progressed as slowly as this...
      • upsidesinclude 303 days ago
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