Sliderland – Creative coding with 64 HTML sliders


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  • slightknack 387 days ago
    I had a little too much fun...

  • NickBusey 388 days ago
    If you missed the link at the bottom to the music video, you missed out.
  • oneeyedpigeon 388 days ago
    As someone's whose math(s) isn't up to scratch, I find the HTML sliders aspect of this the least interesting. But I love the demonstration of what you can do with a simple equation — it reminds me of some of the things I've seen people do with pico-8, for example. This demo right here absolutely destroys my cpu, tho...
    • brundolf 388 days ago
      It's very similar to writing shaders. Check out this video for some crazy stuff you can do with equations:
    • toqy 388 days ago
      it also uses canvas, not actual html sliders
      • oneeyedpigeon 388 days ago
        Oh yes — I see this comment in the source:

        > in case you're wondering, i use a canvas instead of HTML sliders for consistent display across browsers

        which makes the emphasis on sliders even stranger, to me.

        • a9h74j 388 days ago
          Darn, I thought this was going to be my solution to outliers in scientific data plots.
  • zamadatix 389 days ago
    Reminds me of an old Chrome Experiment post

    Doesn't exactly work right on modern browsers anymore but the gist was a 7 segment clock display made out of scrollbars.

  • bspammer 388 days ago
  • DerekBickerton 388 days ago
  • afry1 389 days ago
    So cool! What a fantastically well presented piece. The simple step-by-step explanations of how to interact with and control the various function inputs left me feeling like I actually knew how to do something with it, which is a far cry from most interactive software playgrounds.

    Well done.

  • Marazan 388 days ago seems to be the inspiration?
  • russellbeattie 388 days ago
    Fun and simple, nice. I'd love to see the raw values presented using something like dat.gui, as well as basic play/pause/step controls.

    You can see how it's used in this codepen:

  • brundolf 388 days ago
    It's like a minimalist version of Shadertoy ( Fun idea
  • PaulHoule 389 days ago
    It's like a 1-d pixel shader!
  • Squarex 388 days ago
    Nice reference to the Slint's Spiderland.
  • chaosprint 388 days ago
    This is really cool. Is the music video related to the slider or it's just visualization? Would be cool to convert the func into sound like this:

    Will look into the source code tomorrow.

  • justinsaccount 388 days ago
  • dillondoyle 388 days ago
    So cool. I like how didn't try to style slider input, it's hellish to get it to look nice across browsers.
  • xhrpost 388 days ago
    I really like these super simple but creative ideas. a few weeks ago landed there for me as well.
  • dylan604 388 days ago
    does the binary one going from left to right feel odd to anyone else?
    • rickdeveloper 388 days ago
      Here's one that goes from right to left:

        (2**(64 - i)) & (t*10)
      • dylan604 388 days ago
        Nicely done! My OCD says things are back to normal now.
  • brikelly 388 days ago
    Guess the creator was a big Slint fan :)
  • sgtnoodle 387 days ago

    Has some pleasant aliasing effects.

  • cheeseface 388 days ago
    Oddly satisfying.
  • couchand 388 days ago
    This is really neat! Also, please don't hijack the back button if you're not going to do anything useful with it!
  • aaronharnly 388 days ago
    No sandboxing, so this is easy enough to do too :)

  • squarefoot 388 days ago
    Nice demo, but it pushes CPU usage from 1% to 17-20%, and could encourage the use of the wrong control for a given task. As an example, I've often seen on web pages check boxes (an input widget) used to represent read only boolean values where check marks would have been the correct choice.
    • panzerboiler 388 days ago
      Relax. It's a web toy inspired by another web toy. Nothing serious and nothing to be worried about. If you want to change the world for the better, fight against google, twitter, facebook, and their tracking ads networks. Those are the places where a serious amount of CPU cycles are wasted every second producing toxic matter. We need more creative (mis)uses of the web, not less.
      • squarefoot 388 days ago
        I wasn't bashing the creativity, however it should be noted somewhere that it's not the optimal way to use those controls. Although it seem obvious to most of us, people looking for programming examples might take it more seriously. I recall a colleague back in the day (late 90s to early 2k, VB or possibly Delphi) telling me: "heh, I didn't know where to find a sorting function for this and that, so I dragged on the app form a visual component (grid, list etc) having a similar method, made it invisible, then copied data back and forth using its cell/list/array sorting method: problem solved". Different context as my colleague knew it wasn't an optimal solution, but you get the point. I'd also encourage more creative (mis)uses of the web, but possibly with some warnings attached just in case.
        • shdon 388 days ago
          What controls? Those aren't sliders... it's an HTML Canvas. The only control there is a textarea to get the input formula.
        • sph 388 days ago
          This is not an app, it's not encouraging anything. Art isn't as interesting if you only do things the optimal way.
    • have_faith 388 days ago
      I think there's little risk of someone thinking this is a recommendation for a proper animation engine.